Timeline of Draka Polymer Films

1910 – Start of N.V. Hollandsche Draad- en Kabelfabriek in Amsterdam. It is a factory for cables with rubber insulation.
Draka Polymer Films has a long history1947 – Founding of the Draka Plastics – activity. This was after the discovery that a calander could not just produce rubber material but also plastic foils.
1956 – Official opening of Drakaflex factory in Enkhuizen. It is another activity of Hollandsche Draad- en Kabelfabriek.

1965 – The start of calandered foil in Enkhuizen .
1970 – Reorganisations and name changes. As a result there’s now: Draka Kabel N.V., Draka Plastics N.V. and Polva-Nederland N.V.
1971 – Draka Plastics and Polva Nederland have one managing director.
1972 – N.V.’s become B.V.’s (Draka Plastics B.V. and Polva Nederland B.V.).
1979 – Solvay & Cie N.V. acquires HPG-P, among which Draka Plastics B.V. (foils section). This includes the sales offices in Germany, England and France.
1985 – Due to an organisation change, Draka Plastics B.V. and Polva-Nederland B.V. become Draka Polva B.V.
1994 – The piping activities are placed with Pipelife International Holding and hence continue under the name Polva Pipelife B.V.
1995 – The activities foils and medical supplies get a new name: Solvay Draka B.V.. The sales organisations in Scandinavia and France go further under the name Alkor Draka.
2006 – Solvay sells Solvay Draka Enkhuizen to Renolit.
2007 – The calandering department (foils division Enkhuizen & Liancourt) is sold to Vulcan in Brasil. As a result, the new name is Alkor Draka – member of Vulcan.
2009 – Vulcan sells all shares of Alkor Draka to two private investors.
2012 – ‘Alkor Draka – member of Vulcan’ continues under the name Alkor Draka .
2017 – Another name and organisation change. As a result Alkor Draka becomes Draka Polymer Films. Alkor Draka in Liancourt changes to Alkor Draka Group.