Marketing trend colors & new Alpha range

When developing new products, we are inspired by trendwatchers, exhibitions, social media and progressive, innovative entrepreneurs. And in turn we aim to inspire you, our customers, by guiding you through these interesting latest trends. Herewith we also introduce our latest Alpha range.

Stated at various exhibition shows and very much underlined by trendwatchers: back to nature is a big theme in all industries. Descriptions such as: ‘let nature take its course’, ‘urban rewilding’, ‘reconnect with nature’, ‘biophilia’ and ‘urban oases’, tell us that we are increasingly seeking to find a place for nature in the city and in our modern lives. Earthy, vegetal and natural fibre are words that come to mind when looking at the trend colors and patterns.

Another important driver for trends is “the desire to switch off the chatter of both verbal and non-verbal communication in favour of a balanced, meditative state” (ColourHive, 2018). Here we see that our senses play the biggest role in related trends. Think of soft, soothing color combinations and smooth appearances.

These drivers and trends and many more of them are at the base of our collection developments. As stated in the November newsletter our latest development is a new color range for the Uni Color Alpha collection.
The new Alpha colors we herewith introduce are:

152005 MALLOW (pale, pink-ish white)
152006 TERRA (terracotta)
152007 CARAMEL (light brown)
152010 MOSS (natural green)
152012 EARTH (brown-ish grey clay)

It’s a spectacular combination which not only calms the eye, but also the mind. The colors really breathe the drivers and trends mentioned above and will hopefully contribute to a successful 2019 for you and your customers.
The materials are available from stock now. Ask your Customer Service contact for more information and samples.