Peacock Collection

Draka Polymer Films B.V. understands the value of providing input and ideas to her customers as well as the possibility to deliver material quickly. Hence we have a collection stock (about 300 articles).

The Peacock Collection is developed specifically for the Stationery market. However the films are suitable for other applications as well. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

Peacock collection

The Peacock collection contains of films in various embossings, colors, flexibility and thickness. All Nova films in the collection are made with DOTP Plasticizer. Our stock range consists of three categories.

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Clear – Uni Color – Hot Club
This group contains our transparent range Clear. You also find our plain coloured collections here. Uni Color comprises of five different grain effects and Hot Club features embossings for a high-tec look.

Studio X
With Studio X you add value to your products. This luxurious range is divided in several sections. There’s a leather look section as well as a Nature range. Or choose one of our metallized or transparent 3D films.

Luxyl – Floxyl – Xousmain
In this group you find Luxyl: expanded vinyl in several printed effects. Floxyl is a flocked vinyl with a rich velour appearance and texture. Xousmain is a laminated material with foam on the reverse side and therefore very well suitable for desk mats.

Offset printing films
In this group you find films specially developped for offset printing in clear or white.