New creations Peacock Collection

Draka uses many resources to define trends that are interesting for you, our customers. These trends and other influences have resulted in new creations for the Peacock Collection. Our R&D team is busy working on a range of new colors to be added to the Uni Color Alpha collection. Together with existing colors we will create trendy combinations of which we hope that they will inspire you and your customers as well.

To lift the veil a bit: a color combination that suits the ‘back to nature’ theme (read more about this in our next newsletter!) very well is this oxidised copper-combo. It takes after birch tree bark, it’s rusty and earthy and refers to the wild (fox and bear).

Besides the Alpha collection we are looking to lift more ranges to a higher level by taking these series on a tour through the mix of trends presented to us.
We will inform you about our new materials and combinations very soon, as well as the influences and trends that lead to these new materials. So keep an eye on our newsletter and be sure not to miss out in this. If you have questions about our developments please contact us.