Printable films, white and transparent

Draka Polymer film offers a wide variety of films for the printing industry. The films are suitable for conventional printing methods:

  • UV offset litho
  • Silk screen printing
  • Digital printing

Printing on Blanche OS

Blanche OS (Offset) is our standard classic white, with a whiteness scale of 95. It is available in two fine grains: Fino (smooth) and Amca (fine lea-ther). The specially treated reverse side of the Blanche Offset Fino (0,30 mm) , Blanche Offset  Amca (0,35 mm, 0, 35 mm, 0,40 mm)  contribute to trouble free processing during printing. But also the low flexibility level of these articles ensure a high dimensional stabili-ty for UV-curing to prevent shrinkage and wrinkling of the film.

For more information:
Blanche Offset Fino, 0,30 mm
Blanche Offset Amca, 0,30 mm 
Blanche Offset Amca, 0,35 mm 
Blanche Offset Amca, 0,40 mm

Printing on Clear OS

Motif Clear Marco (0,40 mm) Clear OS Citrus (o,18 mm) on roll and Clear OS Citrus (0,19 mm) in sheets  are our transparent printable films. Clear OS Citrus is a thin transparent PVC film specially developed for offset printing. The film has a fine embossing on both sides, to ensure a good transport through the machine. There is no blocking. The formula of the product makes the film flexible, clear and gives a good adhesion to UV ink and varnish. The product is very good HF weldable.

For more information:
Motif Clear Marco, 0,40 mm
Clear OS Citrus, 0,18 mm on roll 
Clear OS Citrus, 0,18 mm in sheets

Printing on Mouse Pad

Mouse pad Tibet AZB is an expanded film with a grey reverse side. The top side is opaque. The Mouse Pad is suitable for screen print and digital print. It is available in a thickness of 1,50 mm and 1,80 mm.

For more information:
Mouse pad Tibet AZB, 1,50 mm  
Mouse pad Tibet AZB, 1,80 mm

Processing recommendations in short

• Before printing, allow 24 to 48 hours to acclimatize sheets on room temperature;
• Loosen sheets before transporting them into the machine;
• Use UV ink for plastic film with DOTP plasticizer;
• Sheets can deform through warmth, make sure to transport sheets flat for further processing;
• HF welding (RF welding);
• Customer has to run tests, because the conditions can be different per machine.

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For more information or contact your regional Sales Manager.

Before starting a production run, we advise you to always carry out a small test run in order to find out if the adhesion and scratch resistance of the ink will be sufficient for the end product. As the processing conditions vary from company to compa-ny, Draka Polymer Films cannot be held responsible for the printability and processing of our plastic films. All products meet the minimum requirements of the product specification (available on request).