Propalflex – PP film

Did you know you can also order PP film from Draka? For some stationery applications PP film is an optional choice for PVC films, for instance document sleeves, identification badge holders windows and collection card holders etc. The PP film won’t lift or smear ink from the pages. In this case you better use Propalflex.


The weldability of the product is excellent for thermo- or ultra-sonic welding. It is also possible to enrich the product with anti-static treatment, UV stabilization or cold-crack formulation. Also corona treated versions will be available soon. The lightweight PP material is eco-friendly and can be recycled.

Draka has Propalflex sample material on stock for you to run a test. For enquiries or samples, please contact your Draka Sales Manager, or send an e-mail

Download Draka Propalflex information leaflet