Dutch fashion designer Sepehr Maghsoudi inspired by plastic film

It is not the first time Sepehr Maghsoudi uses plastic film from Draka Polymer Films for his designs. In his ten year career, he has made notable creations with this material. And as a sponsor of his show in Paris, we are still very keen to follow his projects. On the 10th of October 2018, Sepehr will show his 18th collection, his jubilee collection, in the Amstel Hotel. He can’t tell much about it yet, but he has lifted the veil a bit, by telling us our film will be processed in a surprising way.

Who is Sepehr Maghsoudi?

Sepehr (36) is a Dutch fashion designer from Hoorn, with Persian roots. He studied at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). He is a two-time winner of the Edgar Vos Couture prize. His breakthrough was in 2010 after appearing on the TV series ‘Project Catwalk’ He made his worldwide debut in the successful TV series MTV Sweet 16 with 150 million viewers in 49 countries. Presenting his 15th and 16th collection during the Paris Couture week in January and July 2017, was like a dream come true.

News - RvHfoto_2017-01-24-Sepehr-Maghsoudi-0123_1735.jpgHis designs are a reflection of a sparkling personality with an urge for innovation and experimentation. His fondness for craftsmanship and handicraft is visible in his designs, which are made by hand. In his collections, he experiments not only with plastic film, but also exceptional material, such as glass and ceramics. He works from his studio annex concept store in Hoorn, Muntstraat 7. Here he creates two collections a year, all gaining international recognition.

Plastic film gives endless possibilities

Since 2013 Sepehr has integrated plastic films in his designs. We have asked him what he likes about working with plastic film.

“What is lacking in fabrics in terms of processing possibilities, can be found in film: it is sturdy, smooth and colorful, so you can use beautiful folding techniques,” Sepehr enthusiastically replies. His original creations are intended for exhibitions in museums, photoshoots for magazines and catwalk shows. They are inspired by memories from his youth and reflect his vision on the era.

“Although every new collection is completely different from the previous one, I always find a way to apply your material,” Sepehr says. “The collections are the base for my custom-made designs and ready-to-wear items.” He sells his design items via his website and in his concept store in Hoorn, where everybody is welcome to view his creations or just drop by for a cup of tea.

Where else can we admire your collection?

News - Kim-Liam-in-design-van-Sepher.jpg

“At the show in Amsterdam on October 10th. But also in museums and temporary exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad. Hermitage Amsterdam and Central Museum Utrecht show interest in exhibiting my next collection.” Sepehr shows a publication in Veronica Magazine (April 29th, 2018). Kim Lian is wearing one of his creations for the photoshoot. “My designs appear in Magazines worldwide!”

His Jubilee collection promises to be spectacular! Draka Polymer Films is happy and honored to support this great designer in his adventurous quest to create fairylike collections, full of unconditional love, reflected illusion and dark sensuality.

What can you offer companies?

Companies are at the right address for comfortable, wearable, trendy industrial clothing. But also for refreshing or restyling their company’s image. We also organize workshops or a pleasant corporate outing like a foto shoot, fashion-makeover, ladies night in our studio or on location,” Sepehr tells.

That sounds like fun! We end this interview with his inspiring brand motto : “beautifying life”

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