Reach & Nova


REACH (Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006) is a regulation from the European Union. It is adopted to improve the protection of the human health and the environment from the potential risks that chemicals pose.

The abbreviation stands for:

  • Registration
  • Evaluation
  • Authorisation and restriction of
  • Chemicals

Registration: All chemical substances must be registered with ECHA (European Chemicals Agency).

Evaluation: ECHA evaluates the registered chemicals on potential risks for the human health or environment.

Authorisation and restriction: During evaluation, chemicals can be identified as Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC’s) and placed on the Candidate List. After that the SVHC’s may be included in the Authorisation List. Following, the chemicals may be authorised for use in certain specific applications or can totally be restricted in their use. If restricted, consequently the substances cannot be placed on the market or used after a given date.

All materials produced and delivered by Draka Polymer Films comply with REACH.

Our statements regarding REACH:

Reach compliance Engels-Draka Polymer Films (15-01-2019)


For the office supply market we switched to an ortho phthalate free plasticizer in our collection years ago.

NOVA is an innovative and durable solution to REACH. With it we take a step away from the discussion about ortho phthalates. It complies to all the hard standards set for the stationery business. It is also suitable for usage in childcare articles and many more.

All main manufacturers of flexible vinyl films for the stationery market switched to the same plasticizer over time. Thus the switch to ortho phthalate free plasticizer proved to be a good one.