Test results Clear OS Citrus and Rescare

We recently introduced our new products Clear OS Citrus and Rescare and we can inform you that a lot of customers are testing our products and providing us with valuable information. We are collecting all the test results to filter out best practice facts for our further advice to you. We hope to share this information about the tests soon.
To refresh your memory, we give you a short description of these products.


Rescare is the name for our 100% recycled vinyl, a great sustainability development with the same good performance and usability as our standard products. Rescare is non-phthalate, complies with REACH and meets the conditions of the children’s toys standard EN/71-3. The material has the same good properties as our standard collection in terms of printability, process ability, weldability, tear strength, cold resistance etcetera.

The material is available in two varieties from stock:
100548 – Nero Alpha P38 Nova 0,30 mm x 1,35m x 65m
100547 – Clear Dutas P27 Nova 0,18 mm x 1,35m x 100m

But we can supply almost any of our standard products as Rescare.

Clear OS CitrusCitrus offset

Clear OS Citrus is a transparent Offset printable film with a light texture and made with a special offset formulation. This formulation, in combination with the stiffness of the film makes this product very suitable for offset and
other printing methods.


  • No moisture absorption
  • No blocking
  • Can be used for screen printing, offset printing and digital printing
  • Stock product

The material is available in two varieties:

150912 – 0,18mm x 1,35m x 100m
150913 – 0,18mm x 1000x700mm (2000 pieces)

Want to test?

Are you interested and ready to run a test and share your experience with us, please contact your Draka Sales Manager, or send an e-mail.

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